Terms & Conditions

Accommodation is for a maximum of 7 nights, subject to availability.  Arrival days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays ONLY. Check-in is at 17.00.  Accommodation consists of a hotel room or suite depending on party size and subject to availability.

This offer is open to married couples (if not, living together for a minimum of three years).  Couples must be between the ages of 30-70, in full time employment with a joint annual income minimum of £35,000 or retired with a past profession and private pension annual income minimum of £20,000, own their own home, hold a valid credit card and must be permanent residents of the UK with UK  passports. Proof of address (current driver’s license or recent utility bill) must be available at the Resort if requested.

This offer is valid for two adults (and dependents between the ages of 5 and 18 years). No additional friends or relatives are permitted to stay on resort simultaneously, even if booked separately.  No group bookings.  Any such occurrences will result in all parties being charged full accommodation tariff.

The offer is for 7 nights only.  In the event of additional stays (elsewhere) this accommodation promotion must form the first 7 nights of the participant’s holiday.  In this case we must be informed at the time of booking.  Failure to do so will invalidate the offer.

Participants must advise, at the time of booking, whether they are members of any holiday points systems or indeed, any holiday ownership packages.

Participants may use all resort facilities as normal paying guests.  All additional costs and expenses whilst at the resort are the responsibility of the recipient.

At the courtesy of the resort management, both you and your partner will be required to attend a presentation on Azure X one morning of your stay, however, you are under no obligation to buy or enter into any contract. If you decide to opt-out of the presentation, the resort reserves the right to charge the full resort rental tariff for the accommodation.

Flights must not be booked prior to provisional accommodation confirmation being issued in writing.  We will not accept responsibility for couples booking flights prior to confirmation of accommodation if availability cannot be met. Flight details must be advised within 14 days after provisional accommodation confirmation has been issued, except in the case of early bookings where flights have not yet been published, and at least 4 weeks prior to arrival except in the case of late bookings.

Cost of flights, transportation, food and entertainment are the sole responsibility of the travellers, as are all health precautions, insurance, passport, visa and entry requirements for the country visiting.

All information given must be correct and remain unchanged by the time of arrival at the resort or it will invalidate the offer.

This offer is not transferable in whole or part, may be used by the recipient family only once and repeat bookings will not be accepted. All accommodation must be taken within 12 months of application. Once accommodation confirmation has been issued any change in arrival dates will incur an additional processing fee.

Processing fees are not deposits or reservation fees and are non refundable.

This offer is not open to Island Residence Club members, employees or family or any other company or agency directly connected with the creation and administration of this promotion, or any association past or present with vacation ownership/holiday club sales.

In the event of misrepresentation or omissions of information given by the participant travellers, we reserve the right to charge the full resort accommodation tariff.

We reserve the right to reject applications if considered that the applicants do not meet with the required criteria as set out in clause No. 2.

We reserve the right to modify itineraries and or accommodation as and when necessary.

Changes you to your reservation 7 days after confirmation will incur a £25 administration fee.

Each application is assessed on its own merit and Azure reserves the right to refuse any accommodation request at its own discretion.

Subject to change

Azure have the right to change these terms & conditions as and when we see fit for the needs of the business.